Storing cannabis seeds

Published : 11/5/2013 15:24:24
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The way cannabis seeds are supposed to be stored differ from story to story, just like how to germinate your cannabis seeds.
Many people struggle with cannabis seeds and how to treat them, well, however cannabis seeds are known to be very strong, always handle them with care !
The three most important key factors to remember are light, air and humidity,
these factors are also needed to germinate the cannabis seeds successfully so you can imagine what the seeds would do if they were exposed to these elements while stored.
A cannabis seed consists nutrients to stay healthy and survive once removed from the plant, they will "feed" from these nutrients until they are germinated.
If you have the possibility to store the cannabis seeds as needed there is a good chance they'll hold for about three years, that's a very positive fact, it creates a way to gain a nice collection for the cannabis-lover and strain chaser.
Just make sure the seeds are stored in a cool, dark and dry place , some even keep them in a freezer, if you choose this way make sure to defrost them in a very slow process so condensation can be avoided.
While storing your cannabis seeds it could be a wise decision to label the bags or pots, like date when stored and what strain it is, that way you have a clear sight of what's in store.
Beware of buying old cannabis seeds, they can't be stored as long as fresh seeds because they used up most of the nutrients inside, best is to germinate them as soon as you can and enjoy the results !

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