Problems and Associated Solutions Related to Cannabis Seed Germination

Published : 08/15/2014 11:22:19
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The experienced cultivators may also face some germination problems occasionally. If you are experiencing a problem during the germination stage of your marijuana plant’s lifecycle, this troubleshooting guide can help you identify the cause of the root problem and get over it. So, read on to identify the kind of problem you are facing and understand what’s really causing it.

Few or All Seedlings Grow Tall and Weak 

If you find that few or all of the cannabis seedlings that you had sowed are growing tall and weak, the main reason for this problem is lack of light. This shows that the seedlings are growing tall and stretching in search of light, which in turn, makes them weak and elongated.  

So, ensure that you provide the seedlings with as much light as possible. If you are growing these plants close to a window, move the pot to the sunniest place. Alternatively, you can also use a source of light like lamp to provide the needed light. Use a looped wire or stick to provide support to the seedlings when they regain the lost strength. Once they get the needed light, they will start to grow strongly.  

Seeds Not Germinating At All 

If the seeds that you sowed have not germinated at all, there could be several possible causes. Few seeds may seem to be intact, while others may not have grown even if they have cracked open and taproot has appeared. One possible reason is a very dry substrate, which is not good for germination.  

Open few seeds and check the embryo to see if it is still white, firm, and healthy. If that happens to be the case, giving the seeds more water can help them germinate. The other possible cause could be that the seeds may be damaged due to frost. If the seeds are intact, but dark in color, they could have experienced a fungal attack (a yellowish and soft embryo indicates rotten seeds).  

Seedlings Are Unable Open up Their Initial Few Leaves 

Occasionally, the inside skin and seed hull may still enclose the leaves. This happens only if you hadn’t planted the seeds deep enough. Normally, the seed hull gets detached as the seedling comes out through the substrate.  

Spray some mineral water on the seed hull and wait for around 30 minutes so that the dry skin gets moisture for softening. Now, pull it away from the leaves slowly. If you are still not able to move it, spray little more water and try.  

It’s common to experience such germination problems if you are a beginner, but staying aware of what needs to be done in such situations can help you get out of it. Few seed banks from where you buy the seeds will be ready to give you suggestions when you experience such issues. is one such online seed bank that gives valuable guidance to its customers.

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