Indica stoned or sativa high

Published : 11/5/2013 15:21:03
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There is a big difference between being stoned and feeling high, to find out what you prefer it might be an idea to try different strains to see what effects suites you best and what strains are most beneficial for your mental status.
The effects differ from strain to strain, even choosing between cannabis or hashes makes a big difference but let me start explaining how it works.
First of all, it doesn't matter if you grow plants from regular or feminized cannabis seeds, as long as you know what strain you have you also know what the effects will be. That is if you know what you're doing :-)
The "STONED" feeling you get comes from an Indica dominant plant, that means it contains a good level of THC but also CBD, CBD stands for CANNABIDIOL what is a form of oxidation from THC, it spices up the effect from THC and this combination
is often used for medicinal purposed to relief pain against anxiety and insomnia.
Stoned means feeling heavy legged, makes you want to sit or lay down and your mind is weary and heavy.
Indica plants are recognizable by their big wide leaves and short bushy appearance, famous Indicas are for example White Widow, Afghan and Big-Bud.
The "HIGH" feeling you get mostly comes from smoking the buds or hashes from a SATIVA dominant plant, this plant has a longer blooming phase and the buds taste sweeter than the "greener" taste of Indica plants.
Sativas provide a "high" feeling and you may experience it as a more energetic productive sensation, some talk about being euphoric and creative.
This feeling comes from receptors in your brain which are activated by THC present in your bloodstream, the level of THC is higher than CBD level, quite a difference in effect !
Because of it's uplifting effects sativas are also used as medicinal cannabis to help fight depression, relief pain like migraines or tooth pain and gives an overall uplifting cerebral effect..
Famous sativas are Jack Herer, Amnesia and Haze.

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