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How Do Cannabis Extracts Help in Treating Epilepsy?

How Do Cannabis Extracts Help in Treating Epilepsy?

Cannabis Work When Nothing Else Helps!

For families, where children suffer from these conditions, the situation can be even more challenging. The traditional medicines that are used with a hope to have control over the symptoms don’t really offer any relief; in fact, they rather tend to worsen the problem. Because of no other trusted options available for the patients, people have started trusting CBD cannabis oil and to their surprise it is proving to be an effective treatment with miraculous results.

High THC Cannabis Oil vs. High CBD Cannabis Oil

Just for your information, when compared to high THC cannabis oil, high CBD cannabis oil is more beneficial and non-psychoactive. Even Cannabidiol is a well-known psychoactive cannabinoid with properties supporting anti-cancer, anti-diabetes, neuro-protectant, anti- ischemic, antibacterial, and antispasmodic. For simple understanding, cannabis oil is a kind of cannabis extract with good amount of cannabinoids in concentrated form, which can be easily injected orally, making the delivery of medical compounds through digestive system. If smoked, it goes through the respiratory system. 

Real-Life Example

There was a documentary released about a patient named Charlotte Figi in the month of August in 2013. Charlotte is a very young patient of dravet syndrome.  In a week, she was having almost 300 grand mal seizures. All the pharmaceutical interventions and diet plans gave no relief to the patient’s condition. It was after her parents got to know about high CBD cannabis oil that Charlotte’s seizures stopped completely after the first dose itself. Now, her condition is far better than what it was. 

She currently gets only three and sometimes even fewer seizures in a month’s time, with all of them being minor seizures. This case is nothing short of a miraculous example of the effectiveness of cannabis oil. Doctors have examined many patients with this treatment and tracked their improvement, which in most cases resulted in 90 to 100 percent reduction in seizures. 

The effects of consumption of cannabinoids include many systematic benefits such as

Improved behavior, 

Better learning ability, 

Greater energy levels and more. 

CBD cannabis oil has proved to be an effective relief against complex epileptic conditions. There are researches supporting the fact that cannabinoids are effective intervention for other serious diseases like cancer also.

So, in case you’ve never given it a try, it’s definitely worth giving it a shot to say the least. And, people even love cannabis for recreational activities, and they aren’t really as dangerous as tobacco-based products either.

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