Germinating your cannabis seeds in soil

Published : 07/9/2014 15:26:22
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This is one out of three germination methods with every grower preferring his own method. Germinating cannabis seeds in soil is not my personal favorite method, it seems to take a longer period of time before the results are shown because the seed germinates within the soil underneath the surface, this can take four to ten days.

It won't be the first time a newbee stresses out thinking his precious seeds aren't germinating within 48 hours, so just give it time to germinate under the surface and find its way up, don't forget we're talking about a product of nature.

Because of the wide range of various kinds of soil available it can be a bit confusing for the novice grower to determine which kind is good enough and which one they want to avoid.  And again every grower has their own preference of soil, it also depends where and in what conditions you want to grow but to find out your personal choice there is only one way and that is to try them all out.

When you place the cannabis seed directly in soil make sure not to press the soil too hard because then it will become harder for the seedling to come up, just press lightly. Germinating your cannabis seeds in soil in a pot is never a problem as long as you make sure too use a big pot of 20 liters or more to avoid root damage from repotting, big pots also benefit the roots, they get the chance to develop to their maximum.

The development of the roots is very important because they carry the plant and make her stand tall in windy weather or other bad weather conditions.

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