5 Best Marijuana Germination Methods: Compare And Choose

Published : 07/5/2021 10:47:23
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5 Best Marijuana Germination Methods: Compare And Choose

The spring has arrived! It is the time of the year to stretch ‘the green thumbs’ and get your hands dirty in your gardens. Whether a backyard or a balcony of your apartment, having your own garden is always precious. It is one of the most productive hobbies that lets you grow beautiful things from just a seed. From vibrant blooms to healthy summer salads, growing plants in your garden is always fun.

The fun of gardening amplifies when you start growing cannabis on your own. Just like all other plants, cannabis also starts its journey with the germination of the seed. Understanding how to germinate marijuana seeds is essential for growing this plant in your backyard successfully.

Why is Germination Important?

It is a process through which a seed breaks its dormancy by absorbing the nutrients stored inside it. Germination is an essential process, as it influences the development of the plant. Besides, proper germination ensures good quality yield in the future. Seasoned gardeners understand the importance of germination for the adequate development of the plant. So, they use different methods to ensure the proper germination of seeds.

Things required for proper germination

  1. Seeds

The quality and type of seeds directly influence the germination and eventually the yield of the plant. Generally, seasoned gardeners opt for feminized seeds for successful germination. These are particular types of seeds that produce female plants, as they lack male chromosomes. Besides, cultivators prefer feminized marijuana seeds as only female plants can produce cannabis buds with high CBD and THC contents.

  1. Environment

Maintaining a proper environment is crucial for the success of germination. The marijuana seeds require specific temperature and moisture to sprout and become a healthy plant. The seeds also need light for proper germination.

  1. Water

Germination is not possible without the hydration of the seed. However, excess water increases the risk of seed rotting. You have to provide an optimum quantity of water which will provide sufficient water to the germinating marijuana seeds.


Methods of Germinating Marijuana Seeds

Just like all other plants, you can germinate marijuana seeds by using different methods. However, before growing cannabis in your garden, you should check local laws regarding cannabis cultivation in your state to avoid future problems. States like Alaska, California, Maine, etc., permit the cultivation of marijuana under certain conditions, whereas states like Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, etc., do not permit it at all. 

Now, let’s get back to the germination of cannabis seeds. This article will educate you about the five best marijuana germination methods. You can compare and choose the best way to germinate marijuana seeds.

  1. Germination in Direct Soil

The majority of gardeners use this method due to its high success rate. Germination in the soil allows root formation without any interference. Soil supplies the growing sprouts with essential nutrients like minerals and spores. As a result, marijuana seeds thrive by producing a solid root system.

Things to Remember

  • Use seed starters or slightly fertilized soil.

  • Check the pH of the soil. It should be around 6.

  • Do not use additional nutrients while using potting soil.

How to do it?

  1. Make holes of 1.5 cm in the soil for seeds with the help of a finger or pencil.

  2. Put the seeds in a hole and cover them with soil.

  3. Spray water to keep the soil damp.

  4. Place pots under fluorescent lights.

  5. Monitor the soil temperature and moisture till you see sprouts emerging from the soil.

Temperature: Around 72° Fahrenheit 

2. Germination by Hydration

Although germination in the soil is the most common method, germination in water is the highest efficiency. Soaking seeds in the water acts like a head-start for the seeds. They absorb moisture in the initial stages, which helps them in successful germination.

How to do it?

  1. Soak the seeds in water for 24 to 72 hours. Do not forget to change the water after every 24 hours.

  2. When you notice the tails of seeds, you can either let them soak for more time or directly transfer them to soil containing seed starters.  

  3. Place the seed starters in fluorescent light for 2 to 3 weeks.

  4. Transfer the small plant into the bigger pot and let it grow outdoors.

Temperature: Around 65° Fahrenheit

3. Germination on Cotton Pads

You can also use paper towels in this method. This is another method with a high success rate. The paper towels or cotton pads act like moisture providing blankets to growing seeds. They provide them with abundant water and keep them protected.

How to do it?

  1. Use cotton pads or non-porous paper towels that can retain water for a long time.

  2. Soak the material in water and keep seeds covered inside them.

  3. Place the cushioned seeds in a jar or between two plates. You can cover the jar with lids having holes to facilitate the aeration.

  4. In 2 to 5 days, seeds will sprout and then transfer into the soil. 

Temperature: Around 72° Fahrenheit 

4. Germination in Peat Pellets

Peats are nothing but partially decaying vegetation. It resembles soil, yet its rich organic content is highly favorable for seed germination. The pellets of peats come compressed, yet they swell when you water them and form a container.

You can get peat pellets specially designed for cannabis germination on different websites. They come with adjusted pH and TDS. The only thing you need to do is soak them in water overnight. Later, place the seeds in them, and they take care of the rest. Once the root starts emerging from the peat, transfer the peat to bigger pots.

5. Germination in Rockwool

Rockwool is an artificial material coming from volcanic lava. It provides a suitable environment for germination as it contains minerals like basalt and limestone. You have to soak it in fertilizer to facilitate germination. Also, adjust the pH to 7 by soaking Rockwool in water for a day.

The Bottom Line

Cultivation of cannabis can be empowering as it is one step towards independence. But without proper germination of the seeds, it cannot be possible. The above methods will help you in this excellent process of growing your cannabis in the backyard.

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