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4 Reasons to Choose Feminized Cannabis Seeds for Cultivation

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4 Reasons to Choose Feminized Cannabis Seeds for Cultivation

While some of them pursue it as a hobby, there are few others who cultivate it for earning a living.

Irrespective of the reason why one cultivates cannabis, it is crucial for them choose feminized cannabis seeds over the male seeds due to the associated benefits. There are several reasons why growers opt for the feminized seeds; read on to find out what they are. 

What Are Feminized Cannabis?

Feminized cannabis or marijuana seeds are those that are bred by changing the genetic structure so that each seed gives rise to a female cannabis plant, which implies that each plant will feature buds covered with sticky resin to harvest. So, the cultivators need not worry about pollination, which is one of the main reasons they choose feminized seeds. Growers can get several feminized cannabis seed strains from seed banks in a range of potency and tastes. 

Since this kind of seeds are bred to have no male chromosomes, which make sure that each plant cultivated from a feminized seed will blossom as a female and can produce resinous buds required by most cultivators, they have gained such a vast popularity among marijuana growers. 

Who Should Choose Feminized Seeds?

Feminized seeds are the perfect choice for growers who need an easy and quick cultivation process. There are few medicinal marijuana users who may be put off from cultivating their own cannabis supply due to the possible difficulties involved in cultivating or differentiating genders and getting rid of the males as early as possible in the flowering period. Feminized marijuana seed varieties provide a simple solution to these problems since it is not required to spend time in the initial weeks of blooming by checking around the garden for male strains. 

High Efficiency

Feminized seed strains are great to harvest marijuana in a highly efficient manner. It is a very basic and simple concept, but one that makes a whole lot of difference. Both outdoors and indoors, these seeds assure that space is utilized in the most productive way by ensuring that each plant produces marijuana. Thus, it does not just occupy space in your garden waiting to be pulled out and eradicated. 


Another good reason why growers choose feminized cannabis variety is that it ensures more safety to the guerilla cultivators by lessening the number of visits required to the field. Further, it has been proved that feminized seed strains are of the same quality as regular seeds to create mother plants. These seeds ensure greater uniformity of product on a huge scale. 

In a Nutshell

All these reasons are usually good enough to compel a cultivator to grow only feminized marijuana seed strains, easily indicating that these seeds are certainly the future of marijuana production globally. These seeds are the target of all growers from small cultivators to large scale producers, so if you’re just getting started, then it’d only make sense for you to go with feminized cannabis seeds!