3 Fantastic Methods of Germinating Cannabis Seeds

Published : 05/20/2014 15:05:02
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This is a process when a dormant seed is coaxed into the start of its growth cycle. Whether you want to grow your cannabis seeds indoor or outdoor, germinating can be a good pastime for Marihuana lovers as well.

That said, if you carry out the process smoothly you get good rewards, but you fail, you also need to deal with its repercussions. Mentioned below are 3 methods of germinating cannabis seeds (2 methods for indoor and 1 for outdoor germination). 

Napkin Method (Indoor)

Some growers adopt this simple method of seed germination. While a method of germination can be chosen dependent on what suits whom the best, this process is one of the simplest ones. You keep the seeds covered in between the folds of paper napkins that are put in saucer filled with clean water. 2 to 3 drops of Miracle-Gro liquid houseplant liquid is added to the water. Then you should keep the seeds under sun, which helps them sprout soon and every day you should check the seeds to make sure that moulds are formed and the seeds are wet all the time. The seeds that start germination show growth of white tail from its rear. These seeds should be picked and kept in a tray or a pan filled with saturated peat plugs and from here onwards the seeds should be kept wet all the time. 

Sowing Seeds in Soil (Outdoor)

This process is as simple as growing any other seed and is most commonly used for growing cannabis seeds. You should scatter the seeds on top of fluffy soil that has been fed with sufficient fertilizer and water mix. If you are in a neighbourhood where water comes from a treatment plant then,consider getting water from a nearby lake or well. It is the mineral rich fresh water that helps in proper growth against the fluoridated and chlorinated water. Sprouting is also a time when the growers have to deal with squirrels and mice and safeguard their fledgling crop from there, or else all their efforts can get wiped out in just one night. During the month of autumn consider growing at least 10 seeds for each plant that you want at the end of the day. 

Closet System (Indoor)

If you are in that part of the world where winters are long, while the growing seasons are short, sprouting your seeds inside is the best solution. 

Sprouting the cannabis seeds is a very simple process, which is equally easy and inexpensive; not to mention the success rate is always high. The best way to do is my emulating how a seed spouts under natural conditions. You have to create an environment with which the seeds can grow without any hardship on your part. You should have clean soil just like you use in outdoor sprouting, you should also have lighting, which is very critical for sprouting and have a pot where the seeds can sprout… And, it just doesn’t need anything else! With all the equipment, you can easily sprout your marijuana seeds indoors even during harsh and cold climatic conditions.

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