AK 48 seeds

AK 48 Marijuana Seeds are promising seeds because when they have germinated and everything goes right you got yourself a real winner.

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Plant information

Flowering time after (days):48 - 50
Height in cm:100 - 150 cm
Yield:450 gr./m2
Type:Regular seeds
YieldLarge Yield
Flowering timeAverage flowering period
ClimatTemperature / Continental
HeightAverage height gain
THC:17% +
Sativa / IndicaMostly Indica
Number of seeds10

Seeds info

AK 48 Marijuana Seeds is a mixture of the wonderful traits selected from both the Indica and Sativa family (in the ratio of 65:35) and has gained worldwide popularity from past three decades. This cannabis strain is one of the most popularly opted types of drugs for its high quality genetics and wonderful yielding factor. 

This particular strain follows its ancestral traits that are generally seen in pure strains like the Skunk, Afghani, and Shiva stock, and Northern Lights. Jack Herer is derived as a result of cross pollination between pure strains namely the flowers of Skunk, Northern Lights, and the Haze. This plant blooms and flowers in a matter of just 48 days. 

How exactly the Cannabis Seeds are formulated?

The mother plant seeds were actually prepared by collecting many good traits from thousands of the marijuana plant strains and the resulting plants were named “Ice”. The cross bred traits of Ice (Mother) was again pollinated with the features of Jock Horror (Father) and the resulting daughters were the AKs and AK 48 Marijuana Seeds is one of them. 

The hybrid seeds produced from the cross-pollination of Ice and Jock Horror takes around minimum of 7 to 8 weeks to start flowering, when grown in the indoor environment. The triple mixed quality traits from father’s side (Jock Horror) and combined qualities from the family Indica and Sativa, through mother’s side (Ice) offer wonderful collection of features to the daughter strain that include production of hard buds with exceptional aroma, heavy resin producing features, etc. 

Physical Features of AK 48 Marijuana Seeds

The physical features of the plant are quite different from the regular marijuana producing strains and are explained below. 

* The plant can be easily grown and maintained in the indoor environment. 

* It can grow up to the medium height and takes around 7 to 8 weeks for complete flower formation. 

* One plant can be harvested for about 9 to 10 months to obtain healthy and aroma filled hard buds. 

The seeds offer best effect on the users because of the wonderful combination of high THC level and the production of high concentrated chemicals.

AK-48 seeds are easy to germinate, after germination make sure to place them in big enough pots to give the roots all the room they need to become a healthy underground for this strong plant.
It won't grow very tall but the production of buds or seeds can be called really potential.
AK-48 has Indica written all over which can be seen as it grows wider with those light green thick looking leaves.
Jack Herer and Ice are responsible for the making of AK-48 and is raised by the properties of Northern Light, Skunk and the spicy Afghan.
The smell of AK-48 is quite neutral even if buds appear but smoking the buds gives a sweeter pine-like taste with great body stone effect.

Smokers around the world swear by AK 48 cannabis strains offered by High-Supplies. The effect that it offers is simply out of the world, as you get a full body buzz, and immediate cerebral high. These seeds go on to become plants that produce hard buds and deliver a high that you normally don’t expect from a Sativa/Indica hybrid. Ice and Jack Herrer are two strains that are responsible for creation of AK 48, which is as explosive as its name!

Seamless Germination

These strains are also a grower’s delight as they can be easily germinated without much hardship. Post germination they should be well placed in a pot; this gives them ample space to grow into a healthy plant with a strong underground root. Despite not growing very big, these strains promise high yield. If the conditions are perfect for them, AK 48 may end up flowering in as soon as 48 days, which is way better than most other types of weed seeds. But if you give them another few days you can hope to get a yield that tastes a tad sweeter. 

The thick looking leaves grow wide and their buds smell neutral but it is its pine like sweet taste and full body stone that makes it a hit amongst the weed lovers. If you are looking for affordable high quality AK 48 cannabis seeds then look no further than High-Supplies where you get the best varieties of a wide range of cannabis seeds including AK 48, at extremely competitive prices.

 Latest Update in the Markets

AK 48 Marijuana Seeds are available at good prices in many genuine seed banks since it is the most opted type of cannabis strain. You can easily avail them through the online shop high-supplies.com and have them shipped over to your doorsteps free of cost.

While buying through online sites, make sure that you have logged into a genuine site. This is because of the reason that there are many scamming sites that offer knockoff products. You can always go through the customer reviews to know more about the sites. If not available, then try contacting them through the contact info.


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AK 48 seeds

AK 48 seeds

AK 48 Marijuana Seeds are promising seeds because when they have germinated and everything goes right you got yourself a real winner.

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