White Widow seeds

White Widow regular cannabis seeds are popular kinds because of their potency and beautiful appearance that makes them attractive for all kinds of growers.

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Plant information

Flowering time after (days):50 - 55
Height in cm:100 - 180 cm.
Yield:400 gr./m2
Type:Regular seeds
YieldXXL Yield
Flowering timeAverage flowering period
ClimatSunny / Mediterranean
HeightAverage height gain
THC:17% +
Sativa / IndicaMostly Indica
Number of seeds10

Seeds info

White Widow stands at the head of the family of white strains, famous for the white layer of resin all over if you got yourself a female plant.
Sativa properties overrule the Indica and it'll turn out as a medium height plant with long wide dark green leaves.
In the mid-nineties White Widow saw, came and conquered which means it is still the most popular kind you'll find in the Netherlands and its coffee shops.
Great strain to cross or breed with, when buds start to grow the pine-like odor fills up the air.
It gives you a high feeling without any loss of energy.

White Widow is one of the strongest cannabis seeds in the world. The THC on these buds is so high that the bud can hardly be seen. Ever since this strain was introduced in the year 1995, it has turned out to be a very popular breed in the weed world. White Widow can be easily seen in several coffeeshops across Amsterdam. 

Reasonsbehind Their Popularity

If you are wondering what has made White Widow so popular, it is undoubtedly built on this strain’s superiority with respect to flavor, quality of high and smell. Apart from this, there’s a lot more that has to do with this breed, including stunningly thick trichomes coating, high yield and speed at which it grows. 

The reputation that White Widow has earned unavoidably causes few cultivators to feel that it is overrated, though several of them find it to offer much more than what they would have expected. It has the ability to stay up to its fame if cultivated adeptly. 

If the below qualities is what you are looking at, you can very well consider the White Widow:

The aromatically fresh pine cone nugs have a taste that borders between flowers and fruits when smoked.

Setting the benchmark for the type, it washes over the smoker with a warm and cozy feel of slightly trippy sensations.

This indica dominant strain gives out a thick, sweet and acrid smoke, which leaves behind a hammering stone effect.  

As for the buzz that the breed provides, it is energetic and powerful to say the least, but still social, so smokers need to be ready for a strong high.

In simple words, it is relaxing or creative, while the taste is spicy and peppery with hints of fruits fallen down from a tree. 

On the whole, White Widow cultivated from seeds is highly easy to clone and can be a great option to consider for perfecting your growing techniques.


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White Widow seeds

White Widow seeds

White Widow regular cannabis seeds are popular kinds because of their potency and beautiful appearance that makes them attractive for all kinds of growers.

Questions (3)

From Jekabs | 2017-04-12 09:47:10

What does regular mean? Do they grow outdoors or indoors?

High Supplies

regular means male and female seeds together.

From John Magri | 2017-04-02 22:49:50

Would "regular" marijuana seeds mean male and female seeds?

High Supplies

yes, that is correct

From Lacey Kidd | 2017-03-25 05:14:50

Are they feminized?

High Supplies

no, these are regular, check the feminized category for the feminized seeds

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