Northern Light x Shiva seeds

Northern Light x Shiva is an Indica hybrid and is a so called quick grower.

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Data sheet

Flowering time after (days):45 - 55
Height in cm:100-130 cm
Yield:500 gr./m2
Type:Regular seeds
YieldXXL Yield
ClimatTemperature / Continental
HeightAverage height gain
THC:17% +
Flowering timeAverage flowering period
Sativa / IndicaMostly Sativa
Number of seeds10

This typical Indica grower has a perfect balance of leaf and bud development with a beautiful inviting layer of resin from bud to leaf. Easy to grow because of her strong qualities like mold/illness resistance so this makes her a true joy to have in your greenhouse or indoors.
The taste is similar to the normal Northern Light in her growing phase but intensifies when she is smoked.
The effect of smoking her is intense, she gives a mixture of great energetic high and lightly stoned feeling without wearing you down.
Give her a try and you'll know enough!

Our exclusive Northern Light x Shiva seeds is an all Indica-hybrid, which has a very short flowering period making it the perfect choice for the commercial growers. The high yields with a high flower to leaf ratio are an add-on. Being a vigorous Indica, these strains are very simple to clone and grow; not to mention the subtle characteristics of NL such as flowering and odor remain intact. It grows in such a way that even the most impatient growers could get great results in less than 3 months.

Ideal for Indoor Cultivation

The short height of these plants makes them a perfect choice for indoor growers as there isn’t any problem of space when you are dealing with Northern Light x Shiva seeds. To top it all, these seeds are also illness and mold resistant, which makes them a great joy to be in your gardens. 

Enjoy the Exotic Spicy Taste

It typically has thick buds that are covered with resin and are surrounded by very light green leaves. The aroma and flavor of these seeds is quite complex, but its spicy taste makes it a favorite amongst the smokers. The seeds turn into beautiful small plants and give amazing full body buzz that’s cherished by the weed smokers around the world.

A Timeless Classic!

Northern Light x Shiva is considered as a timeless classic that is born after combining two very popular Indica dominant cannabis varieties such as Shiva from the Indian Himalayas and Northern Lights from Afghanistan. Both of these parent seeds are considered as top quality strains in their respective countries and these two high quality cannabis strains are also responsible for a big portion of black hashish that is produced every year. 

Weed fans love the Northern Light x Shiva because of the energetic body-high that it offers, which is positive in many ways, but definitely not incapacitating. 

Give it a try to know how good these Indica dominant strains are, and even if you’re a souvenir collector, you ought to have the Northern Light x Shiva seeds in your collection!

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pas terrible

rapide et discret mais trop de mâle a mon gout

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pourquoi il n'y a pas les caractéristiques des plantes ?(temps de floraison,taux de thc,etc etc)


    Excelente Site

    Excelente site! Recebi as minhas sementes em 2 dias. As plantas crescem muito bem ;D


      NL x Shiva

      Erittäin helppo kasvattaa,
      kestää hyvin vajarit ja pienet överitkin.
      Satoisa ja hartsinen lajike.
      Vahvaa polttoa, pärähtää päähän kuin metrinen halko ja kestää melko pitkään, ottaa ehkä hieman kurkun pällee tämän polttaminen,
      Vaikutuksiltaan tyypillinen indica,
      ainakin itseäni alkoi loppupuolella väsyttämään ja paljon, mutta mulla yleensäkin indicat väsyttävät.
      Hyvä lääkinnällinen lajike, auttaa lähes kaikkeen.


        9 von 10 Samen

        9 von 10 Samen haben gekeimt, davon waren noch 6 dem anschein nach weiblich. Alle "Mädels" haben gezwittert, Ernte ist Top ca. 200000 Samen.


          mes bien

          recu en 4 jour discret nikel jtien o jus pour dire si sa a pouser =) petite graine je trouve mes bn

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          attente du coli

          commender hier en attente du coli

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          honneteté hors du commun !

          Excellent , Superbe , vraiment au top high-supplies !! Livraison ultra rapide , graine de très bonne qualité !
          Vous pouvez y allez les yeux fermé !
          D'une honneteté hors du commun !
          Encore une fois merci

          • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

          très bon site

          très bon site, j'ai reçu mes graines en 3 jours maintenant reste à voir la suite... gwada represent


            bonne qualité

            graines de tres bonne qualité 6 germés 6 femelles!!! cool reste 4 graines on verra si c d femelle!!!!


              livraison rapide

              livraison ultra rapide !! 9 sur 10 germees.

              • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

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              Northern Light x Shiva seeds

              Northern Light x Shiva seeds

              Northern Light x Shiva is an Indica hybrid and is a so called quick grower.