Snow White Feminized Seeds

Snow White feminized seeds are getting more and more popular because she is a 80% Indica and closely related to "White widow", so guaranteed big yield and beautiful thick buds. 

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Data sheet

Flowering time after (days):50 - 55
Height in cm:100-130 cm
Yield:450 gr. m2
Type:Feminized seeds
YieldMedium yield
ClimatTemperature / Continental
HeightCompact plant
THC:17% +
Flowering timeAverage flowering period
Sativa / IndicaMostly Indica
Number of seeds5

Snow White is a real knock out because of her strong Indica properties, she is an improved kind of the so called "white strain" what means she doesn't get very tall, has a shorter blooming period and grows wide dark green leaves.
Commercial growers are fond of this powerful little lady, ready for harvest in approximately 8 weeks and a yield every grower dreams about.
Thick full buds covered with snow white resin are a promising sight.
As a true Indica is supposed to she'll knock you out with a heavy narcotic feeling that lingers on for a long time.
Snow White has a lovely sweet taste, fruity fresh, a bit like cotton candy.

Snow White feminized strain is one high quality variety that every grower would love to cultivate. Since it is 100-percent feminized, it finds extensive medicinal applications too. 

The composition of pure indica cannabis makes the plant denser in nature. Further, it is much superior to the White Widow from which, it is developed and with Sea of Green cultivation method, a huge yield is almost guaranteed. Snow White feminized produces relatively sticky buds that are covered with trichomes. 

Short Plants

The plants grown from these seeds do not grow very tall due to that fact that Snow White Fem is just an improved variety of the White strain, which produces wide leaves in dark green color with a shorter flowering period. 

Great for Commercial Growers

Commercial cultivators love to grow this powerful strain since they would be ready for harvest in just around eight weeks and produce such a yield that every cultivator would dream of. The buds that are produced are covered with snow white resin layer, which is certainly a promising sight. 

With its nice smooth taste and strong Indica pot, Snow White feminized is one of the best Widow variations in the market. As for the smoking effect, it can literally hit high with its powerful indica properties. Essentially, it tastes like a cotton candy with a fruity fresh, sweet taste, and a kickass high!

Salient Features

Plants grow to medium heights

Ideal for indoor cultivation

Flowering period of 8 – 10 weeks

Yields 400 – 500 grams per square-meter in Sea of Green method of cultivation

For all that it offers, from the yield, smell and taste to the narcotic feeling that lingers around for a long time, Snow White feminized is a must-try cannabis strain for just about anybody!

So, go ahead and order the Snow White feminized cannabis seeds today!

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livraison ultra rapide

livraison ultra rapide .... semé le jour même ... on verra bien

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bonne qualité


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qualité supérieur

Plante trés petite trés ramifiée pleine de têtes trés odorantes et de qualité supérieur en somme c d'la balle.

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recommander a tout le passants

super bon site a recommander a tout le passants ,,,,
ce site site devrait etre plus referencer !!!
c de l bombe ,,,
merci !!!


    très bon site

    envoie super rapide en attente du résulta très bon site !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      Great stuff !

      Great stuff !


        merci !!!!!

        merci !!!!! comande ressu en 3 jour je suis francais ! lettre envoyer tres discrete avc plusieur protection ! jai comander le comander le 1 ressu le 4 2010! aplus cas attendre est je vous direr si ses dla bonne ..... est ps; acheter sur se site kar tres discret dailleur seter ma premiere comande et la jver en recomander de suite ;)


          Très belle graine

          j'ai commander les 5 femelle a quarante euro je les avait recu en trois jour elle on l air de bonne qualiter le seul petit truck qui fait un peu chi...... ces que pour 40 euro y en a une qui n a pas germai mes bon ces rien on peut pas savoir a l avance si oui ou non elle germera.... j ai commander aussi la pure power plant et pareil bien recu ossi en troi jour meme deux il me semble j habite en france voila!! je recommande se site kar ses de bonne qualiter est prennais cette varieter car elle pousse hyper vite


            LA WEED EST LE SHIT!!!

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              Snow White Feminized Seeds

              Snow White Feminized Seeds

              Snow White feminized seeds are getting more and more popular because she is a 80% Indica and closely related to "White widow", so guaranteed big yield and beautiful thick buds.