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Afghan seeds

Afghan cannabis seeds are very easy to grow because of their strong qualities, a joy for beginners as well as advanced growers with a high yield and tasty buds!

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If you are looking for anenduring cannabis strain that does not die so easily, Afghan seeds from the Northern Afghanistan mountainous regions are for you. It is a cross-breed of the wild Kush varieties. 

Strong Yield

This indica-dominant strain produces fat round leaves and big buds. Though it does not have too many crystals, it has smooth rich hash-like smoke. It can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors yielding around 400 grams per plant and 500-600 grams per plant respectively. 

Ideal for New Cultivators

This strain is a must-try for those who growers who are new to cannabis cultivation or those who do not have much time for maintenance. 

High CBD

With the high Cannibidiol (CBD) content that it has, Afghan variety of cannabis is a highly valuable medicinal strain for treating vomiting and muscle pain, meaning it is antiemetic and antispasmodic respectively. 

Flourishes Very Easily Under All Conditions

Afghan thrives well even if you don’t know the right way to cultivate cannabis. Over-fertilize, under-fertilize, over-water or under-water, this strain will still flourish. It also offers good resistance to pests and molds. You can just plant and forget all about it till the time of harvest. 

In short, it is reputed for being easy to cultivate like the Skunk varieties. 

Though Afghan has a very strong smell, it still has a sweet and fruity taste. The THC content is high, thus offering a soothing buzz. 

What You Need to Know?

Flowering period of 8 – 9 weeks

15% THC content

Harvest month: September or October

Yield: 350 grams per plant

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  • Flowering time after (days): 50-55
  • THC: 15%-20%
  • Height in cm: 100-130 cm
  • Yield: 375 gr./m2
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