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High Supplies is the online shop for quality feminized cannabis seeds and autoflowering seeds - indica & sativa weed seeds.  We deliver fast and discreet with the best service. Buy cannabis seeds here!

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You can return the seeds that did not germinate for free replacement seeds

Our High-Supplies Cannabis Seeds Shop is pleased to offer an impressive selection of the finest strains of cannabis and marijuana seeds in the market. We 100% guarantee germination!

We source our wide-ranging collection of seeds form the well-established seed suppliers from across the world and aim to cross these first-rate seeds with a chosen selection of mother plants. By carefully crossing the plants offered the seeds are able to provide optimal growth options to match the requirements of the cultivator; whether for commercial, medical, or recreational needs.

Irrespective of the preferred seeds, a search of our stock on High-Supplies is certain to include the desired collection Sativa or Indica dominant, outdoor and indoor seeds, regular, feminized, and perhaps a selection of Autoflower species; we are certain to offer a complete choice.

Our aim at High-Supplies is to trade seeds at their freshest point, therefore the cannabis and marijuana seeds are professionally stored in a refrigerated environment to prolong the quality prior to delivering to our buyers. Each pack of seeds is inspected on colour and shape to help with minimizing potential disappointment to our customers. 
Since we are working with premium seeds with the aim of offering 100-percent germination success we are mindful that since these are natural plant seeds there is the chance that a small percentage might not achieved the required germination. If any seeds fail to germinate we will replace them with a new batch free of charge.

In addition to offering a quality selection of cannabis seeds we aim to help our customers throughout the entire growth cycles by providing up-to-date guides and information like tips on grow environments, genetics, lights, nutrition, and more. We even offer advice on reduce energy consumption. Prior to making an order you can find out all there is to know for free. 
Please get in contact using our live chat system if you have any concerns in relation to our seeds or even cannabis in general.